HS Ride Reviews

The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror

Griffin Guide Rating: 4/5

Scary Scale: 5/5

Fast Pass: Recommended

Park: Hollywood Studios

Land: Sunset Boulevard

Background: The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror, or Tower of Terror for short, was opened in 1994 at Hollywood Studios. It is a dark ride with themes tying into The Twilight Zone television series. It takes place in the fictional “Hollywood Tower Hotel”. In 1997, the Disney Chanel Original Movie “Tower of Terror” was made. It was based on the ride and many scenes from the movie were shot in the attraction.

Ride Description: As you enter the queue, you’ll see beautiful overgrown gardens and a rather creepy looking hotel. When you enter the lobby, look around! If you can look past the massive amounts of cobwebs, you’ll see a very intricately designed hotel lobby. Everywhere you look you find new and exciting details. Once you get to the front of the line, you’ll be escorted into the library, where you watch a short film explaining the premise of the ride. After the film is over, the library door slides open revealing a passageway. You then wait in line in the “boiler room” of the hotel. You then get seated in your elevator, of which there are four.

As the elevator starts to rise, the door will open. You will see an abandoned hallway, with some ghostly figures hanging about. The doors then close and you go up one more floor. Here, your elevator will actually move forward (not up or down) into the Twilight Zone. Once you stop moving forward, a mans voice will come on. As soon as he stops talking, you start falling! The ride takes you up and down the hotel several times, a classic drop ride. The Disney twist is that you’ll be hard pressed to fall in the same way twice! The ride computer actually has over 30 different “drop cycles” that are randomized. Basically, you could ride it every day for a month and have a different ride experience each time! It’s an incredible thrill ride, but definitely not for everyone.

Once you are finished dropping, you’ll come to a stop and your elevator doors will open. A cast member will greet you and help you find your way out. You’ll come to a hallway with your ride photos and exit through the gift shop.

Griffin Guide Tips:

  • You will drop at speeds of up to 39 miles per hour, so make sure you’re holding on!
  • The picture/video recording during the ride occurs when you reach the top of the elevator shaft and are looking out on the park. As soon as it drops, your picture is taken. Say cheese!


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