Value Resorts

Pop Century Resort


  • Transportation Rating: 5/5
  • Food Rating: 3/5
  • Room Rating: 4/5
  • Overall Rating: 4:5


  • Hotel Location: ESPN Wide World of Sports Resort Area
  • Hotel Class: Value


  • Magical Express to/from MCO airport
  • Buses to/from the Parks and Disney Springs

Food: Quick Service food court offerings, with easy grab and go food and decent prepared food. This is your standard value resort quick service “food court” style restaurant and definitely not something to stay at the hotel specifically for. Also note that they do offer room service, although it can get quite pricey.

Room: The rooms have recently been refurbished and are clean and comfortable. the refurbished rooms have two beds, with one being a Murphy bed. This can be a little challenging because the only table in the room is attached to the underside of the bed so you can only utilize the table if the bed is folded away. We don’t usually spend a lot of time in our room because we are always on the go, so the table situation doesn’t affect us very much. However, if you are planning on being in your room for a decent amount of time, the lack of a stand alone table could be tricky. The decor is subdued Disney themed, and lends itself to relaxation while you are in the room.

Value: We think the rooms are definitely worth it for the amount of money you spend! Also, the plentiful amount of buses to take care of your transportation needs makes staying on property well worth it.

Entertainment/Things to Do: The lobby is definitely worth checking out! Is gives off a 60’s vibe with the decor and classic hits being played. On the walls are vignettes from each decade starting with the 1950’s and going to the 1990’s. Off of the lobby is a fun game room with a ton of arcade machines that the whole family will love. During the day, activities such as swimming in one of the multiple pools, tie dying t-shirts; and dance parties are offered. A playground and a 1 mile jogging/walking trail around the complex are also available for your recreational needs. On select nights movies are shown outside, weather permitting. Another must do is to walk around the grounds to admire the larger than life recreations if objects from the decades, like a giant football field, a Mickey phone, and a yo-yo!



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