MK Ride Reviews

Haunted Mansion

Griffin Guide Rating: 5/5

Scary Scale: 4/5

Fast Pass: Recommended during the day, during/after the fireworks the lines are pretty manageable and you shouldn’t need one

Park: Magic Kingdom

Land: Liberty Square

Background: The Haunted Mansion in Walt Disney World was one of the park’s opening attractions. When planning the Disney World version, Imagineers decided to replicate the animatronics from the original. This means that the majority of the interior is identical in California and Florida, however the Florida version was able to be built slightly larger and more intricately due to the lack of land restrictions at Walt Disney World. The exterior is completely different from Disneyland, at Disney World the mansion was constructed in a gothic revival style, while Disneyland’s mansion is a New Orleans style house.

Ride Description: Haunted Mansion’s queue line is heavily themed and interactive so that guests are engaged from the moment they step in line. As you walk through the line, try to touch everything! Certain objects will make sounds and create cool effects. After the queue you will be welcomed into the foyer of the mansion. You step through the parlor door into the Stretching Room. Once everyone is in the room and the door closes, your “ghost host” will give you an introduction to the ride. Carefully notice the walls, they begin to slowly stretch and reveal a bigger picture. At the end of the introduction, the ghost host gets a little carried away and the lights cut out. When the lights return, the door opens into the last section of the queue. After you walk through the queue, you will enter your “doom buggy” or ride vehicle, and embark on your journey through the mansion.

Your doom buggy starts off going down the hall of portraits. Pay attention when the lightning strikes, some of the portraits come to life! Once through that you will see the library and a ghost playing a piano. Further down the hallway you will see a coffin in the conservatory and the 13 o’clock grandfather clock. After that you enter into a very cool room, Madam Leota’s seance room. You will see Madam Leota herself in the crystal ball on the table. Then you will go through a ballroom. If you have any children that are really scared, this would be a really great place for them to actually open their eyes an look, nothing jumps out at you in this room and it is very well lit. The last indoor room is the attic…which in our opinion is the scariest room! On the left side you will see the bride with an axe, she murdered her husband, who knows who’s next? You then go to the “outdoor area” and see the ghosts playing, singing, and dancing. It is a fun room but there are some pop up scares for the little ones. The last thing you’ll see on your way out is a small doll of the bride urging you to hurry back!

Griffin Guide Tips:

  • While you’re in the stretching room, look UP! When the lights turn off and lightning strikes, you can see a body hanging from the rafters.
  • Pay attention to the place settings in the background! The last setting on the left is arranged in the shape of a Mickey, which is one of the coolest hidden Mickey’s at Magic Kingdom.
  • Another fun tidbit about the ballroom is the princess rumor! There are several “ghosts” ballroom dancing and some people claim that they were modeled after actual Disney Princesses. Whether or not it’s true, you’ll have to see for yourself!

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