MK Food Reviews

Be Our Guest


  • Food: 3/5
  • Atmosphere: 5/5
  • Experience: 4/5
  • Overall: 4/5


  • Park: Magic Kingdom
  • Land: Fantasyland

Link to Menu: Breakfast Menu

Price Range: $$-$$$$ (quick service during breakfast and lunch, table service for dinner)

Atmosphere: Be Our Guest restaurant is set in Beast’s castle. The walkway to the castle is a bridge flanked by gargoyles. There are several of the beautiful mosaic portraits from the movie as you enter; including the portrait of the prince and rose from the beginning of the movie. During breakfast and lunch you order from a self served kiosk in beasts library then seat yourself. For dinner, a cast member will seat your party. There are three rooms where you can eat; the ballroom, the west wing where the enchanted rose is kept under glass, and the portrait gallery. The ballroom is our favorite, with its beautifully painted ceilings, ornate gold work, and floor to ceiling windows. If you look closely out of the window, snow is falling! Disney took animation cells from the original movie to create this amazing effect.

During breakfast and lunch, the atmosphere is much more hustle and bustle. You get your own drinks and silverware and your food is brought to you on a really cool cart. Dinner is more formal and romantic. The Beast himself walks through the restaurant to his library where guests can form a line to meet him. Last time we were here for dinner, the Beast selected a lucky young girl and they waltzed around the room!

Food: At Be Our Guest they serve French inspired cuisine. At breakfast, each table gets a plate of complimentary pastries to share. These are always cute and usually tasty. The vegetable quiche and croque madam are some of our favorites dishes to order. Overall the food quality is a little above average, but the price is a little higher than you would expect. A great way to get the most of your money if you are using a Disney Dining Plan is to book a reservation for breakfast! This restaurant counts as a quick service restaurant for breakfasts (and lunch) even though a waiter brings your food to you.

Griffin Guide Tips:

  • One of our favorite things to do is snag a reservation before Magic Kingdom opens! Most of the time Be Our Guest is open at least an hour before the park and if you have a reservation you are allowed into the park early. It is a great opportunity for photos in an (almost) empty park!
  • Reservation highly recommended, if you can’t find a reservation just keep refreshing the page on the app or website, we usually have luck securing one this way!
  • Try the grey stuff…it’s delicious!


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