Extra Magic!

Figment’s Brush with the Masters Scavenger Hunt

Park: Epcot

Cost: $6.99 plus tax

Mission: To find where each famous portrait is hidden in each country around the world at Epcot.

Description: To get started with the scavenger hunt you have to go to one of the many Disney gift shops selling the maps. They will have a sign in front of the store signaling that they sell the maps. Once you purchase your map and stickers, you’re off! You start by going around to each country and looking around, this is where the fun begins. You can find the paintings in the more popular areas of each pavilion, as they’re not hidden in very difficult places. They are designed to get you to walk through the pavilions and see the cool stuff inside, instead of just walking through the main path. Each time you find a portrait, you take your stickers and place the correct sticker in the country you found the painting in on the map. Once you are finished finding all of the paintings you return to the store where you purchased the map and show the cast member. They will stamp the back of your map and then you get to choose a really cool prize! The prizes change with each scavenger hunt throughout the year, but are typically items decorated to look like classic Disney characters.

Value: We think these scavenger hunts are a great value! For only $6.99 the entire family can be engaged in a fun experience that everyone can participate in.


  • While this is a really fun experience, if you only have one day to see Epcot, we recommend skipping the activity. This is recommended for guests who have been to Epcot multiple times and are looking to see a new side of the park they may not have seen previously.
  • If you get really stuck on finding a portrait, ask a cast member! The cast members in each land will help guide you to the correct location with a few extra clues.



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