Epcot Ride Reviews

Spaceship Earth

Griffin Guide Rating: 5/5

Scary Scale: 1/5

Fast Pass: Not recommended most of the year, however it may be necessary during VERY busy times such as holidays.

Park: Epcot

Land: Future World

Background: Spaceship Earth is housed in the large golf ball like structure and is Epcot’s “icon” attraction. This means that it is the attraction guests see and immediately associate with its park. For example, the Castle is Magic Kingdoms icon, the Tower of Terror (or the Chinese Theater) is Hollywood Studios icon, and the Tree of Life is Animal Kingdoms. Spaceship Earth has been in Epcot since opening day and has long been a fan favorite. This dark ride is a look into human communication and technology throughout time, and is educational and entertaining!

Ride Description: You get into the queue line outside and walk into the “golf ball” structure. As soon as you’re inside you are seated into your ride vehicle which has 2 rows of benches with a touchscreen for each row. Each row can hold 1-3 people. The ride is an omnimover, which means that the ride vehicles hardly ever stop, so be careful when entering and exiting the vehicle. Once you’re in the ride vehicle you will be slowly lifted up an incline while you answer some questions on the touchscreen, pay attention because this is where they take your photo! When you get to the top of the incline you will be taken throughout history to see some of the marvels of human communication and technology, including the invention of the alphabet, books, the printing press, and telephones! Your entire tour is narrated by Dame Judi Dench. After you’ve seen the cool inventions you are transported into a room with thousands of stars…it’s quite beautiful. Then, your touch screen will light back up and you get to invent your future! We won’t spoil it, but this is a really fun activity that the whole family will get a kick out of. When you finally are at the exit you get out and walk down a ramp into another large indoor area. Here they have futuristic games and pictures displayed, which we think is a great touch after such a thoughtful and interesting ride!

Griffin Guide Tips:

  • When you are going through the room with the paint supplies, look to your left immediately! There is a table and on it, a hidden Mickey made out of paint. This is Griffin Guides favorite hidden Mickey on Disney property.


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