Extra Magic!

Characters in Galaxies Edge

Today we will be taking this opportunity to talk about all of the amazing character experiences you can have in Galaxy’s Edge at Hollywood Studios! Keep in mind, most of these are not your traditional “Meet and Greet” style meetings that are common in all other areas of the parks. These are “real” experiences and encounters that are a once in a lifetime experience!

The first time we went to Galaxy’s Edge was during extra magic hours through the rebel side of the land. As soon as we approached the land we saw cast members in their usual costumes, nothing too special, but as soon as you enter the land be sure to keep your eyes out for some EPIC characters!

Rey and Chewbacca: The first character we saw in the land was Chewbacca, casually fixing a speeder! At first we thought he was an animatronic but after a few minutes we could tell he definitely wasn’t. He was walking around with different tools and parts trying to repair this ship. Then, on the other side of the ship we saw the woman herself, Rey. It was incredibly cool to witness Rey and Chewy fixing a ship and not paying any mind to the guests. Of course, they move slowly so you can pose in front of them and take pictures with them in the background.

Chewbacca: A little later in the day, we came back around to the rebel side and saw Chewbacca again! This time he wasn’t fixing ships or hanging with Rey, he was by himself just walking around the land. He was rounding up some troops (kids) to help him on his smuggling mission. We stood and watched for a bit and it was really cute, Chewbacca playing games and doing little dances with all kinds of kids. This is a great photo op if your kid gets chosen, so if you see Chewy walking around and you have an adventurous kid, go up and say hello!

Storm Troopers:  Let me tell you, Storm Troopers are everywhere in Galaxy’s Edge! They are patrolling the First Order side from the ledges of buildings and on foot. Get caught talking about or wearing a shirt with a picture of a rebel on it? You might just wind up getting a stern talking to, or even worse (or better in our eyes) getting “arrested” by the troopers! This is very similar to the Storm Troopers who used to patrol in the main part of Hollywood Studios, but it seems more intentional here. Having them on buildings with blasters looking out over the land is an amazing touch that we all loved.

R2D2: R2D2 is a busy droid! Over at the Droid Depot and several different times per day, you can find R2D2 rolling around hanging out and beeping at people. It is a super fun thing to see! Most people are shocked and delighted but keep their distance, but don’t be shy, R2 loves friends! We walked right up to him and got pictures with him in the middle of the droid depot. It is best to be the first couple of people who do this because after a while, he has to keep moving.

Kylo Ren: The boss himself, Kylo Ren makes special appearances daily with his Storm Troopers. We saw him keeping a watchful eye over in the First Order side of the land, around the blue milk stand. This is a really cool and kind of scary thing to see, Kylo is an intimidating dude…we mean sith lord!

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